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Learning about Letting Go: An Evaluation of Palliative Care Education Modalities for Pediatric Residents

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Chief residents

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- Many residents do not receive formal pediatric palliative care education during their training - Conferences are the most popular mode of education modality used for teaching about pediatric palliative care, but are not the preferred modality by respondents. The respondents preferred active learning techniques, such as simulations and rounding with a pediatric palliative care team. A formal curriculum was associated with both increased satisfaction with pediatric palliative care training and with comfort in practicing pediatric palliative care. - There are many barriers perceived by residents to providing pediatric palliative care. However, if a lack of role modeling by an attending was not perceived as a a barrier, then respondents were more satisfied with their training in pediatric palliative care, and more comfortable practicing pediatric palliative care themselves. - The presence of a pediatric palliative care team is associated with increased comfort in respondents practicing pediatric palliative care. Residents' comfort in various aspects of pediatric palliative care is highly variable.


Manuscript drafted, submission pending-- planned for Journal of Palliative Medicine

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