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Survey Title
National Night Time Curriculum Needs Assessment - APPD Pediatric Residency Program Directors and Chief Residents

Date survey distributed to APPD membership (eg., 3/2015):

Portion of APPD membership surveyed (eg., Program Directors and Associate Program Directors):
Program Directors and one chief resident from each program

Response rate (eg., 50%; 99/198):
32% chiefs; 29% PDs

Summary of main findings:
Of the total Chief resident respondents, only 22% (14) report having a formal nighttime curriculum in place at their program, and only 5% (3) of chief residents reported having used the NNC. Chief residents preferred in-person education at night with a facilitator (either resident-led, 35% (22), or attending led, 34% (21)) rather than self-led curricular modules (6%, 5). The majority (56%, 35) of chief residents felt that online modules are not engaging, though 73% (45) admitted that online modules are easily accessible. Chief residents reported wanting brief, patient-case-centered teaching at night.

- Presented at Regional APA 9&10, tabletop abstract, 2/2/2020 -- Monterey, CA - Accepted as poster abstract presentation for APPD, 4/1/2020 -- San Diego, CA

Manuscript in process with plan to submit April 2020

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