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Inventory of Leadership Education and Training Across Pediatric Residencies

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Program directors

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Summary of main findings:
The modified Delphi process generated 16 core leadership skills to evaluate. A total of 67/204 residency programs (33%) completed the survey. 13 of the 16 leadership skills were rated extremely or quite important by e75% of programs. Six skills met criteria to be considered essential: managing time effectively (97.0% of programs ranked extremely/quite important), receiving feedback (97.0%), communicating effectively through speaking (97.0%), embodying professionalism (95.5%), demonstrating emotional intelligence (92.5%), and addressing conflict (92.5%). Only 19.4% (13/67) of responding programs reported providing dedicated teaching time for all 6 of the essential skills. The most commonly reported modality for teaching leadership skills was didactic sessions (92.5% of programs).

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