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Perspectives of the pediatricians role in, knowledge of, and practices towards community resources that provide services mitigating social determinants of health

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Chief residents

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Chief residents agreed they must have knowledge of and hold responsibility to refer to many social determinant factors; however, practices and confidence levels in referring to resources were often low. In general, respondents had concordance between when they "should have knowledge" and have a "responsibility to refer" Respondents felt that pediatricians should have knowledge and refer patients to housing, food security, legal aid, but did not have high rates of referrals or confidence in referring   Chief residents reported lack of knowledge of resources and time constraints as the top factors influencing referral to social needs resources.  Understanding the attitudes and practices of pediatricians as well as the specific resources that many lack knowledge of and confidence in referring to,,can help develop and tailor residency curriculum in SDH screening, referral, and community resources.

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