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Survey Title
Characteristics of Community-Based Continuity Clinics Among Pediatric Residency Programs-A National Assessment

Date survey distributed to APPD membership (eg., 3/2015):
October 2019

Portion of APPD membership surveyed (eg., Program Directors and Associate Program Directors):
PD's, APD's, program coordinators who could forward to continuity clinic directors

Response rate (eg., 50%; 99/198):

Summary of main findings:
We found many pediatric residency programs utilize community-based sites for resident continuity clinic. While PDs are overall satisfied with the educational experience residents have at these sites, many community-based preceptors are not working through a formal curriculum or receiving faculty development directed at teaching skills. Furthermore, recruitment of preceptors continues to be a challenge. Understanding the current training environment is an important step in trying to elucidate best practices for resident continuity clinic.

Virtual PAS conference-May 2020

Ben-Zion S, Ramundo M, McNinch NL, Abramson E. A National Perspective on the Current Educational Environment in Pediatric Community-Based Continuity Clinic. Academic pediatrics. August 2020. doi:10.1016/j.acap.2020.08.007