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APPD 2021 Annual Spring Virtual Meeting

March 23-26, 2021

APPD 2021: Distant & Still Together

Preliminary Meeting Schedule coming soon

Submission Deadline:

Enhanced Learning Sessions*
(workshops, debates, innovative educational opportunities, etc.):
December 9, 2020

*includes workshops, expert panel discussion, flipped classroom, didactic presentations, or other innovative formats

Should you encounter any problems during your submission, please contact info@appd.org

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Welcome to the Submission System for the APPD Enhanced Learning Sessions

The APPD Program Planning Executive Committee is delighted to accept your submissions for our 2021 Annual Spring Meeting! This year's meeting is being planned entirely virtually as a 3-day online gathering to support the professional development and scholarship of the APPD community. This year we also welcome the Med-Peds Program Directors Association to the meeting.

Once again, this year, we are soliciting proposals for Enhanced Learning Sessions (ELS - previously known as workshops). ELS should include creative delivery methods to engage the meeting participants, including workshops, expert panel discussions, town halls, or other innovative formats.

The virtual format may necessitate changes from the typical presentation style of ELS offerings. This year's call for proposals asks you specifically to identify the interactive and virtual tools you will need in order to make your session successful in a virtual space. We are specifically encouraging use of a flipped classroom approach and will be able to disseminate preparatory materials to participants in advance. This year, you will also be able to choose between a 60-minute and 90-minute presentation format.

Proposal reviewers this year will be scoring submissions for their perceived suitability as virtual sessions. Proposals that appear to rely mostly on formal didactic content (i.e., extensive slide presentations or lectures) are not likely to score well.

As you prepare your proposal, please consider the following strategies to strengthen your ELS proposal:

  1. Include a concise, attention-grabbing title for your ELS that will give participants a sense of what will be accomplished at the session.
  2. Craft clear, appropriate, and attainable learning objectives.
  3. Provide a clear description of the need for this topic to be covered and its importance to APPD members. Describe what knowledge, skills, or attitudes the participants are expected to develop or share during the session.
  4. Build an agenda of activities (60 or 90 minutes total) that includes appropriate instructional methods for achieving the objectives. Be realistic in what can be accomplished in the available time. Show how participants will be engaged by the session, either through interactive activities or through the content delivery methods chosen.
  5. Demonstrate how your ELS is innovative in its subject matter and/or instructional approach. If this topic has been covered in workshops or ELS in the past, show how this session will be different or build upon what has come before.
  6. Emphasize how your ELS will be effectively delivered over a virtual/online platform. Ensure the agenda clearly indicates technology needs for the session, such as breakout rooms, polling technology, or other planned tools.
  7. Identify how many participants your session can accommodate. Please be realistic! Because we are not limited by hotel rooms, we do not need ELS to be a certain size and can offer more sessions simultaneously.
  8. Recruit authors/session leaders from multiple institutions to join the submission, if possible.
  9. If you had an accepted ELS proposal for the cancelled 2020 meeting, you are encouraged to resubmit for 2021. Revise as needed to ensure the session will be successful as a virtual session.

Each of the above items will be considered by your proposal reviewers, who will be blinded to the names/institutions of the authors (they will only see how many institutions the authors represent). Information that is missing or not clearly elaborated may dampen enthusiasm for your proposal. Proofread the proposal carefully and consider having other colleagues critique it using the above instructions. You can examine the exact rubric used by our reviewers in evaluating your proposal by clicking the "Scoring Rubrics" link in the upper left corner of this screen.

Above all, ask questions of mentors and colleagues if you are new to writing ELS proposals.

Enhanced Learning Session submissions are due by December 9, 2020.

Note: Abstracts for Educational Scholarship and QI posters will be accepted on a separate submission, opening in early December 2020 and with a deadline in early January 2021.

APPD 2021 Annual Spring Meeting Program Chairs

Adam D. Wolfe, MD, PhD, Program Chair
Baylor College of Medicine/The Children's Hospital of San Antonio

Brian Lurie, MD, Program Co-Chair
Atrium Health/Levine Children's Hospital

Adam Rosenberg, MD, Past Program Chair
University of Colorado/Children's Hospital of Colorado

Sharon Calaman, MD, CHSE
New York University